Pairing a 1st-Gen Iris Security Keypad With a Next-Generation Iris Hub

Update, 29 Mar 2019:

If you’re an Iris owner, you’ve probably heard by now that Iris is shutting down on March 31st, 2019. With the shutdown impending, I spent some time evaluating different options for home automation hubs and home security kits to replace Iris. I put all of that information together in this post, where I break down some suggestions and the gear that I would personally pick up depending on what generation of Iris you have and what you’re wanting to do with your equipment.

Regarding the information below, once the Iris system is shutdown on March 31st, you will not be able to use Iris gear with Amazon Alexa unless you have another smart automation hub to control your Iris gear, and then only 2nd-gen and 3rd-gen Iris equipment will work. Check out my Home Automation Hub I’m Choosing To Replace My Iris Setup post for a detailed look at several potential replacement systems.

One smart hub has stepped up and been able to provide support for some of the 1st-generation Iris devices. For more info, take a look at The Smart Hub That Can Control Your 1st-Generation Iris Devices.

Original Content:

In order to pair my first-generation Iris Security Keypad with my Next-Generation Iris Smart Hub, I had to reset the keypad.  My keypad was previously paired with my 1st-Gen hub, which is no longer supported by Iris.

The 1st-Gen Iris Security Keypad.
The 1st-Gen Iris Security Keypad.

Here’s how to reset your keypad so that you can get it paired up with your new hub:

  • Bring the keypad within 10 feet of the Iris Hub
  • Remove the small Phillips screw in the bottom of the battery cover and then remove the battery cover
  • Remove all of the batteries
  • Press the On key 8 times
  • Insert two batteries side-by-side at one end or the other
  • Press the On key 8 times
  • You should see the keypad light up, and the On button will begin to blink twice periodically.
  • Your keypad is now ready to be paired with the Next-Gen Smart Hub.
  • Open the Iris app and click the + button.
  • Click Device
  • Once your hub goes into Pairing Mode, your device may be added automatically.
  • If not, click Iris and click 1st Gen Security Keypad

And that’s it!  For me, this process took only a few minutes.  How did it go for you?  Having any other issues?  Leave a comment below!

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