The Smart Hub That Can Control Your 1st Generation Iris Devices

If Iris has been serving as your smart home security system, the Iris shutdown has probably put you in the market for a new smart home automation hub. For second- and third- generation Iris users, there are some good options out there to take over for Iris so that you can continue to use your Iris devices. If, however, you’re a first-generation Iris owner like me, maybe you’ve heard the bad news that no one seems to be able to support first-generation Iris sensors and components. 🙁

Well, it looks like our luck has changed! Hubitat has just announced that their Hubitat Elevation home automation hub will be able to support 1st-generation Iris sensors and other equipment! 😀

Here is the list of the 1st-generation Iris devices Hubitat will be able to support with its recent 2.0.8 Hubitat Elevation Platform update:

  • Iris Motion Sensors
  • Iris Contact Sensor (Door & Window Sensor)
  • Iris Outlet
  • Iris Button
  • Iris Key Fob

This comes as a welcome surprise! To my knowledge, Hubitat is the first system on the market that will be able to support 1st-generation Iris devices. (Do you know of any others? If so, let me know in the comment section at the bottom of the page!)

The Hubitat Elevation smart hub. Hubitat recently announced that it will be able to control 1st-generation Iris sensors and other home automation devices.

Hubitat Elevation is a popular home automation system. Boasting support for more than 300 devices, Hubitat Elevation interfaces with more protocols than and around as many devices as Samsung SmartThings.

A distinct feature offered by Hubitat is local-only control. Local-only control allows you to operate your smart home devices without transmitting data over the cloud. Many smart home enthusiasts like this feature (and Hubitat) for improved speed and security when compared with hubs that require cloud communications.

Right now, the Hubitat Elevation home automation hub is available on Amazon. If you’re a 1st-generation Iris owner looking for a new smart home hub, this might be the right time to make the move to Hubitat!

Learn More About Hubitat Elevation

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