Difference Between Robotics Technician And PLC Technician

If you’re studying towards or considering a career in industrial automation, you may be wondering about the difference between “robotics” and “automation”. Some other industrial automation words that sound suspiciously similar are “mechatronics”, “controls”, and “motion control”. Many of these terms are synonymous, or at least describe greatly overlapping domains. With that said, there is […]

How To Backup And Restore A Fanuc R-30iB

Ah, the old backup game. What could be more fun than taking backups for a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand robots? If you’re reading this, you probably know that there is something that’s a lot less fun than managing backups: not having a backup when you need one. Reprogramming a production robot from scratch […]

What Is An Automated Systems Integrator?

If you’ve become involved in the world of industrial automation, you may have heard the terms “integrator,” “automation integrator,” or “automated systems integrator.” The term “systems integrator” exists in both the fields of industrial automation and information systems. There are some blurred lines between those fields, as both involve networking, computers, and programming. In this […]