Are You A Student? Get Amazon Prime Free For 6 Months!

An Amazon Prime Student with her laptop. If you are a student, you can get Amazon Prime for free for six months.

I wish this deal had been around when I was a student! Whatever your major, if you have a .edu email address and can verify your enrollment (if asked), you are eligible for six months of Amazon Prime Student membership for free. If you meet those criteria, keep reading below for more information. Or, click the button below if you’re ready to sign up for your free 6-month trial of Amazon Prime Student!

What Is Amazon Prime Student?

Members of Amazon Prime Student enjoy many of the same benefits as Amazon Prime members. With Amazon Prime membership, the perks are numerous, including:

  • Prime Delivery
    • With a Prime Student membership, members enjoy free 2-day, 1-day, same-day, or even two hour delivery on millions of items
    • With Amazon Key, you can have items delivered inside your car or home
  • Exclusive offers just for Prime Student members
  • Amazon Music
    • Access to 2 million songs, ad-free with a Prime Student membership
    • Access to 50 million songs for an additional $0.99 per month
  • Prime Video
    • Watch movies and TV shows online (included with membership)
  • And more, including free student samples, e-books on Prime Reading, and gaming benefits through Twitch

Best Benefits Of Amazon Prime Student Membership

I’m personally an Amazon Prime member (not Prime Student, but many of the benefits are the same) and the two things I use most are:

  • Prime Delivery
  • Prime Video

Amazon Prime Delivery

If you order things online, it’s pretty nice to have them arrive at your house within 2 days. We have an Amazon distribution facility across town and I often receive items the next day or even the same day, depending on what we order. Remember that this 2-day or even same-day delivery is free for millions of items ordered as an Amazon Prime Student member (or Amazon Prime, like myself).

I haven’t personally used it, but you can now also take advantage of Amazon Key. With Amazon Key, you can have items delivered securely inside your home or vehicle (certain newer model vehicles). It does sound pretty nice not to have to worry about someone walking by and nabbing a package off your porch.

Prime Video

Prime Video is a “Netflix-like” movie and television streaming service. Simply add the Prime Video app on your TV or mobile device and enjoy the same type of ad-free watching you would expect from Netflix. Click here to check out what’s currently available on Prime Video.

What Will Prime Student Cost After The Six Month Free Trial?

After six whole months of free Prime Student membership, they’ll start charging you a monthly subscription fee. Once your trial ends, you can pay month-by-month, or if you know you like the service, you can pay for a year at a time and receive a discounted rate.

What’s nice about the Prime Student membership is that, while receiving additional benefits, it’s actually around half the cost of a regular Amazon Prime membership. Must be nice! As I say, I wish this deal had been around when I was actively enrolled in classes. But, I hope that this will be something that can benefit you.

Even if you cancel before your trial period ends, you can enjoy half a year of music, movies, shows, and fast delivery on millions of products.

Click the button below to start your free 6-month trial of Amazon Prime Student!

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