Fupping’s 8 Gadgets You Can Get For $25 Or Less

Big thanks to Teagan Lion from Fupping.com who used my write-up for Shelly 1 in his recent article. Fupping is an online media site with content for electronics enthusiasts, teachers, mountain bikers, people who like to cook – you name it. Everything from 13 Gadgets To Fill A New Home to 20 Simple Tricks And Tips For Better Sleep.

Taegan featured my write-up for Shelly 1 on his list of 8 gadgets for under 25 bucks. If you haven’t seen one before, Shelly 1 is a wireless smart relay. It can be installed behind an existing light switch (or about a million other places). Once in place and wired up, it can turn an existing light switch into a smart switch – that will still work no matter what position you set the switch to.

For more information on Shelly 1 and how to use it to add some smarts to your wired lighting, check out my article on How To Inexpensively Convert Any Light Switch Into A Smart Switch.

In addition to the Shelly 1, Taegan shows off some other cool products, including a retro radio Bluetooth speaker, a mini portable LED light for photographers, and a mini cactus humidifier for your desk or night stand. There’re even a couple items on the list for the kids!

You can check out Taegan’s list of 8 gadgets for under $25 here.

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