When is the Next Total Solar Eclipse?

If you missed the Great American Eclipse this month, or you’re already jonesin’ for another stellar experience, you’re in luck: another total solar eclipse will be taking place over North America within a decade!

The next big event, already coined the Second Great American Eclipse, will traverse a path from south to north, travelling approximately perpendicular to the event this month.  Moving up through Mexico, the path of totality will sweep northeastwards, first passing through the US in Texas.  From Texas, the path of totality continues NE, passing through the Midwest and many northern states before exiting the country in Maine and continuing on in to Canada.

A map depicting the path of the 2024 total solar eclipse through North America.
The path of the 2024 eclipse. Image credit.


For many people, a total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but the good news is that the celestial bodies will be lining up for us twice within a relatively short period of time.

Make sure to mark the date on your calendar!  08 Apr 2024 


Want to learn more about future solar eclipses?  Check out this cool page with a map of all of the eclipses that will be occurring in the 21st century.

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