Could Not Send The Command To The Device – Shelly Cloud Edge Switch For Button Type

Having trouble setting your Shelly 1 to a Button Type of Edge Switch? If you’re receiving either of these errors in the Shelly Cloud app:

  • Could Not Send The Command To The Device
  • Failed To Change Button State

… then hopefully I have some good news for you. There’s a simple setting for you to check that may fix your issue.

A screenshot of the Could Not Send The Command To The Device error on the Shelly Cloud app. I received this error on the Shelly 1 when attempting to change the device's Button Type to Edge Switch.
The “Could not send the command to the device!” error, received in the Shelly Cloud app.

Edge Switch Mode in Shelly Cloud

I wanted to try out some Shelly 1‘s because I want to automate my home without making life unintuitive. For instance, if I turn a light switch into a smart switch, I still want the physical switch to turn the light on and off!

I wanted to try Shelly 1 because I had heard I could set it up to be transparent to someone who didn’t know it was there. I had heard that you can wire your light switch output into Shelly 1’s SW port. After doing so, you can set Shelly 1’s Button Type to Edge Switch mode.

When you set your Shelly’s Button Type to Edge Switch mode, it should leave you with a fully functioning light switch. What I mean is that you shouldn’t be forced to pull out your phone or ask Amazon Alexa or Google Home to turn your light off. With Shelly 1 set to Edge Switch, a flick of the physical light switch should toggle the light on or off, just as you would expect.

Error! Error!

Imagine my surprise when I installed my brand new Shelly 1 (my first ever!), connected to it in Shelly Cloud, and started setting it up, only to find the device would not go into Edge Switch mode. 🙁

First I got “Failed to change button state”

When I first tried to put my Shelly 1 into Edge Switch mode, I got a “Failed to change button state” error. I tried it again, and tried backing out and going back in to the device settings in the Shelly Cloud app. For whatever reason, I then got a different error when attempting to set my Button Type to Edge Switch:

Then, “Could not send the command to the device”

Man! I just installed this thing! Did I get a dud? I hopped on Google and searched for the errors I ran in to, but didn’t get any good results. I actually searched the Shelly Support Group on Facebook and found some info in an old post that led me to the right answer:

In my case, I had just set my “Power On Default Mode” to “SWITCH”. My thought was that if the power goes out and comes back on, I want the Shelly to go back to whatever state the physical switch is in.

Apparently, a Power On Default Mode setting of SWITCH is incompatible with a Button Type of Edge Switch. This does make sense in retrospect, as if you’re toggling the relay by both Shelly Cloud and the physical switch, the position of the physical switch is meaningless.

Unfortunately, Shelly Cloud offers the generic errors seen above instead of spelling that out for you.

A screenshot of the Power On Default Mode setting that permitted Shelly Cloud to set Shelly 1's Button Type to Edge Switch.

Ahh…. much better

When I set the Power On Default Mode to anything other than SWITCH, Shelly Cloud then allowed me to change the Button Type to Edge Switch.

I hope this helped!

Did that solve your problem? If not, how was your problem different and what was your ultimate fix? Still having trouble? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi. This helped me! In my case i wanted to use a Shelly 1 PM with a Shelly Button that uses a momentary button. Selecting Restore Last Mode and Momentary gives the generic “Failed to change button state”. After reading your post i tried choosing On for Power On Default Mode and Momentary for Button Type. Only then i got the desired functionality (almost, i really wanted the Shelly to remember the state it was in the event of a power failure)

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